Iphone XR – should you buy it ?

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Apple iPhone XR vs iPhone XS: Comparison to understand better.

Amongst the three iPhones launched on 12 September 2018, the iPhone XR is the most appealing of the lot, not because it is the most premium iPhone but due to what it offers for its price. It provides the best battery life in any iPhone till date and even though aluminium band is used unlike the XS series which uses stainless steel, don’t think that it feels less premium as it is on par with all its android competitors.

The iPhone XR uses the same A12 bionic chip that powers the more expensive iPhone XS and the XS max. The iPhone XR features a 6.1 inch display compared to the XS featuring 5.8 inch and on the other hand XS max featuring a huge 6.5 inch display.

The main difference between the XR and XS series is the display, lack of 3D-touch and no dedicated depth sensor. The iPhone XS lineup uses samsung supplied amoled panel whereas iPhone XR uses the classic LCD panel which was used in the previous iPhones. the LCD panel uses back light to lighten up the pixels whereas the amoled panel is a modern display which is capable of shutting off the pixels that are not in use and thereby providing deep blacks in the display which improves the viewing experience.

But if you are coming from any older iPhone (iPhone 8 and previous) you won’t notice much difference the and iPhone XR will give similar viewing experience. The iPhone XR has almost the same design that of the iPhone XS family minus the little extra bezzles on the sides. But for an LCD display the bezzles are very impressive and almost similar to the XS family. iPhone XR has even the same 2nd gen face ID unit as in the more premium XS. Even it packs the same stereo speaker setup as we see on the iPhone XS series. Due to its larger display the XR even had more louder speakers than the XS (XS max excluded).

image source – gsmarena.com

In the camera department XR provides same primary camera that is used in the iPhone XS family (12MP). The XR even has portrait mode but the main difference is that it uses its main lens with help of software for portrait shorts just like the pixel 3.

The main drawback is that you can’t use portrait mode over non-human subjects as it doesn’t have a dedicated depth sensor.The best part of buying iPhone XR is that it offers a variety of six different colors (BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, YELLOW, CORAL, RED.


There is no second thought that the XS is a better choice if you are ready you pay an extra $250 (in INDIA you are paying a premium of 30000 INR). But overall the iPhone XR has the same functionality as of the iPhone XS and XS max.

There is nothing much different in the flagship devices if 3D-touch , lower resolution display, no dedicated lens for portrait shots and the use of aluminium instead of stainless steel in the XS doesn’t disappoint you.

We believe that the iPhone XR is a great buy overall and you should definitely consider buying it as it is worth the price tag but a full 1080p display would have been appreciated. But all things considered iPhone XR is a great phone to go with if you don’t want to spend a $1000 for an iPhone.


Wondering which color to go with?

Our favorite is the (product)RED variant as the color red matches the back of the device and a portion of each purchase goes towards counseling, testing, and medication to prevent mothers from passing HIV to their babies.

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