Can tablets replace laptops? Is is possible to do so?

With the advancement in technology, our personal computers have changed constantly in the last few years. People are looking for more compact alternatives that are portable and lightweight due to which large computes were gradually replaced by laptops and now laptops are being challenged by tablets. All of these devices are computers, but they differ like use.


Will tablets eventually replace laptops? Let’s find out!

Advantages of a tablet –

Portability: The biggest advantage of a tablet is portability and are more lightweight than the smallest laptops.

Comfortability: On top of being slim and trim, tablets look much cooler and comfortable than a lappie and gives a sense of comfortability as there is no weight on our laps.

Touchscreen awesomeness: Even today most laptops ship without a touchscreen as it is costly to balance all the hardware, touchscreen and battery life together.

Enhanced connectivity: Most tablets now provide an option to insert a SIM card which help us posting stuff on the internet even when a WiFi connection isn’t available which all the laptops in the industry lack. This is one of the biggest USP of a tablet.

Battery life: Due to the smaller size the tablets will always have a better battery as they don’t have to power as much hardware like a laptop.

Flexible screen:  You can choose to place the screen in landscape or portrait according to your needs which is not possible in a laptop due to the dimensions of the laptop. The flexible screen allows better viewing angles too.

An attractive design: Somehow tablets are a more appealing package as they are more pleasing to look at than a laptop. You can always add a cover of your liking that enhances the beauty of the device.

Can be used as a GPS navigation device: Yes! due to the capability of being portable and option to add a SIM card tablets can easily be used as a navigation device.


Advantages of a laptop –

Screen size: If you are the kind of guy who loves the big screen experience then even the smallest laptop has a bigger screen size than a tablet.

Worth the money: A 35000INR ($500) laptop will get you a much better computing experience rather than a 35000INR ($500) iPad. You can easily expand the hardware and software in the future as per your needs which is not possible in a tablet.

Physical keyboard: If you need to type out a lot then nothing beats a physical keyboard as virtual on-screen keyboards do not allow us to type freely and as fast as a laptop’s physical keyboard. Also, tablets take almost half the screen while typing which is irritating at times.

Storage: On the whole, you’ll get much more storage with a laptop.  For laptops, 32GB is a minuscule offering and most models will come with at least 128GB, although tablets even now ship with a base storage of 32 GB. If you are big on storage laptop is the way to for!

Better Gaming Experience: As we know, PC’s and laptops are a boon while playing intense games as they have physical keys which allows accurate gaming and more engaging experience which is not possible with tablets as they lack connectivity, support for professional gaming and the technology.

Richer software experience: Laptops are better when it comes to software due to the more powerful and feature-rich software that is not available on tablets.

Professional approach: Most laptops are designed keeping in mind the working environment where the laptops are used. They have various ports and slots required for connecting various external devices.


So will tablets replace laptops?

Although the time is changing slowly in the favour of more compact and comfortable tablets, until now it is not possible to completely replace laptops.

But, you could make the switch now, if you only use a PC for browsing the web, watching videos, listening to music, casual gaming, reading or occasional typing.

The times may change soon, as the line between tablets and casual computers is getting smaller with improvement in technology.

So can tablets replace laptops? For most people, NO! as all the advantages of a laptop cannot be ignored and tablets still have a long time for becoming a perfect upgrade to laptops just as laptops replaced PC.

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